maybe i’ll finish this by christmas…

…of 2015.

today’s nonsense.

mid-life crisis.

i’m avoiding you.

moleskine day 3.

i can’t imagine that i could ever manage one a day, but so far i’m enjoying doing these little drawings.

also, micron brush tip already blown out. sigh.

moleskine from today.

i was laying on the couch while i was working on this. at some point, my cat jumped down from the back of the couch, bumping my hand and pushing the pen into the paper. destroyed the fine tip. thanks, cat!

because i can’t stop buying sketchbooks i never fill, i decided to try out the moleskine. also, new pen: micron brush tip (because it was cheap). this is from last night.

i’m 41 years old. i’ve been drawing for as long as i can remember. and still to this day it kind of embarrasses me to show people this stuff.

i can’t see any of you, of course, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining you’re all naked.

pig antlers.