i’m 41 years old. i’ve been drawing for as long as i can remember. and still to this day it kind of embarrasses me to show people this stuff.

i can’t see any of you, of course, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining you’re all naked.

pig antlers.

1. i bought some colored inks today.

2. i’ve thrown out everything i’ve drawn in the last two weeks.

3. i haven’t used color, really, in a couple years. i sat down tonight and made a few color drawings, but they were terrible.

4. this is terrible, too, but it’s the best (?) out of the ones i drew. didn’t spend much time on it, just a few minutes.

5. i am kind of embarrassed to post it but

6. here it is.

7. i’ll probably delete this tomorrow.

8. it’s taken me more time to type this out than it did to draw that thing.

9. i’m kind of embarrassed by that, too.

10. why did i post this?

11. ugh.


Me and Tord Torpe just finished putting together confusion comic! It is 106 black and white pages with a 5 color screenprinted cover in an edition of 200. We will be stocking our web shop with copies in the next weeks.

Featured in our second issue is:

Tord Torpe
Antoine Marchalot (France)
Sac Magique (Finland)
Stine Belden Røed (NO)
Michael Canich (USA)
Derek Ercolano (USA)
Terje Vestervik
Devon McFarland (USA)
Torgeir Stige
Åge Peterson
Brennan Kelly (Canada)
Simen Langeland

i’m, like, in this and shit.


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and so it ended, my brief gigposter career, like a beautiful sun that burned so bright and then exploded, taking most of my bedroom with it.

1. i used models for this, practically unheard of to be honest and never again attempted. that’s my wife and our friend bridget, i posed them like little dolls all over the house, and at one point they were going to be riding a dragon. a dragon made from my tears, i think. no photographic evidence remains of this session.

2. i drew this in several pieces, on tracing paper (i totally do not recommend doing this at all) and then assembled it in ph*t*sh*p and i hated every goddamn second of it. i’ll spare you my feelings on making art with computers.

3. i am both disgusted and proud of this poster at the same time. it is slightly embarrassing to me now, but i really did put a lot of time into it, even though i had very little time to do it. this was supposed to skyrocket (?) me into the infamy (i probably told myself at the time) but…obviously it did not. jason molina saw this poster and offered me another gig, but that’s another story for another time.

4. i’m going to hit the publish button down there and let you all get on with your lives.

pitt brush pen and colored pencils.

nothing too exciting. probably a monster drawing.

used to never bother to sign or date my drawings so i’m guessing this is probably from ‘06 or ‘07.

old crappy art theatre continues with a (vaguely) halloween themed drawing that was my side of the cover for the highly anticipated, but strangely abandoned, chris and mike like to draw monsters book where, you guessed it, me and someone named chris (actually, it’s chris mostyn) show off how much we like to draw monsters. i’ve said it once, and i’ll say it again, all of my drawings are basically monster drawings. ALL OF THEM.

anyway, the book was finished and ready to go and i sent the artwork to someone to get the covers silkscreened and then it all kind of fell apart from there. there were problems with the printing and suddenly it was dead in the water. i had fully intended this to be a regular thing with different people who were too busy to participate or return my emails, ha ha.

i think doodle attack #1 happened as a result of this not happening and then doodle attacks 2 - 4 haven’t happened because of doodle attack #1 whatever whatever whatever.

i can’t remember what this was for. another t-shirt design, maybe? no idea. also, what was i using to draw this stuff with back then? pitt brush pens?

all i remember about this is that i specifically wanted that dude to look like he was seated but not sitting on anything and i was having a hard time with it because i have lousy depth-perception which gives me trouble with perspective.

trouble with perspective. put that on my tombstone.

half-assed asked: Your drawings are fucking rad. The line quality is astounding. Even if you don't create anymore you're still a genius. Thanks for sharing your work. It's past inspiring, and I hope you know that.

thank you.

people, i have a confession to make: i still listen to free jazz.

perhaps surprisingly (or not surprisingly) i started playing music for the same reason everyone else starts playing music: i wanted to get laid. and probably not surprisingly i gave it up for the same reason everyone else does: it never got me laid.

anyway, this was a t-shirt design that never got used for a band that no longer exists.

ha, i really used to draw like this. weird.